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Adam Lambert on IG: MidTwenties RockNRoll Shit

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Saturday, May 4, 2019

Posted at : Saturday, May 04, 2019

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glitzylady said...

Adam apparently deleted this photo. A little bit controversial with the possible fox situation..

annemarie said...

The remarks were not needed. Adam was just playing a part as being in the 20's, just dress up. He didn't go out and kill the fox. He doesn't smoke either, although he is smoking hot, LOL. I thought the remarks were totally nasty and uncalled for. That was obviously an old picture he came across. I know it is a touchy subject , that people really did have animals killed , so they could have a fur coat or mink stole, but that isn't done any more in the U.S
I suppose to stretch a point it wasn't done in good taste, to post the picture. I am sure Adam posted that in all innocence, and realized too late that people might take offense. It was the right thing to do, taking it down, since it upset so many people.

Sunflower said...

I agree with you glitzylady and annemarie. I saw the picture myself and did read a number of concerned fans asking about the Fox mink. It was good that Adam removed the picture.

Angeladam said...

Old photo, he mean't no offence but he should have known better in this day and age, apparently Brian wasn't impressed either .

Angeladam said...

Someone on Brian's fox rescue site said he wasn't impressed I obviously don't know how true it was because when I looked the comment had been removed, I do think people overreacted a bit, it was a pic from 2010 when all said and done, but glad it's been removed !

Dee R Gee said...

Glad this was a short-lived issue. Adam was asked about smoking some years back. He went, "Ewwww!" When we see him with a cigarette in his hand, I thinks it's more of a prop for when he dresses up. I don't think he'd ever smoke. First, he thinks it's gross. Second, he knows what it could do to his voice and throat.

Sue Smith said...

I did not see it thank goodness. Doubt he meant any thing by it. Adam seems to back Brian in his endravors like that now. Remember seeing him on the plane with Queen in a fox tee short top. He said foxes rock as a caption.
Brian said I think I like this person. Of course none remembers that. People so quick to judge.
Sure Brian still loves Adam if he had a problem like most up front people he will say to Adam face. He does not need
Second hand disapproval.
That was Tee shirt. Adam has changed so much since then. Become more aware and sensitive to things like that.
No one and I mean no one needs to wear a real fur coat if any kind anymore. They have beautiful fake ones now days so much better than before.
I would go cold before I wore a real one.
The Kardashians still I believe do wear real ones. Unless they changed lately at least Kim did. That was of any kind.

glitzylady said...

It's a shame in certain ways that the photo wasn't able to remain up. Because it was a beautiful picture of Adam himself back in the day. He was truly stunning in it (as he is now too). I saved it to my personal stash of Adam Lambert pics because no matter what he was wearing, smoking (or not...), etc.. he's lovely. And a very kind & gentle man. I'm definitely not one to wear a fox or any other animal for decoration. But I do have to say that it was common in years past for people to wear furs for warmth. Different time, different place. Matter of survival then.