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Adam Lambert's FULL TWITTER PARTY! May 15, 2019 Great Q & A By Adam & Fans!

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Adam Lambert's TWITTER PARTY! May 15, 2019

Parts 1 and Parts 2 (it was a long one!)

The entire twitter party was over an hour long and so informative! Great questions by fans about "New Eyes", his upcoming album "Velvet" and so much more.. some in depth questions, answered by Adam.. 

The twitter party was capped by@Angel_nDisguise and we've shared it here.. If you cannot read the text in the screen caps below, go to her tweets and click on the link to her IMGUR account. You can click on the image and make it larger so you can easily read it..

Same with the embedded image directly below: just click on the images embedded images (parts 1 and 2) then click again to enlarge! 

With many thanks to Adam Lambert AND to Angeln_Disguise!!


Click on the IMGUR LINK in the tweets below to view the twitter party screen cap if you can't read the embedded cap above (which you can also click on to enlarge..).. And then click again to enlarge the image! 

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Glitzylady ..... thanks so much for the print-outs of the twitter party....very clever and helpful. Adam sounds very upbeat and pleased. I'm anxious to hear the whole album....and hope it hits it out of the ballpark! Adam deserves a big win ...and the recognition he has certainly earned!

Mi Re La said...

Adam: "Dad said it reminded him of John Lennon’s solo stuff which from him is a MAJOR compliment."

Mi Re La said...

QUEEN + Adam Lambert will perform in Korea for the first time on January 18-19, 2020 at the Gocheok Sky Dome

Mi Re La said...


Dee R Gee said...

I discovered the Twitter party late last night but did not respond then. So here goes.

I learned so much from this Twitter party. Adam is in a whole new place now, with new people he is working with, new label, etc. He has so much more control over his music. He executive produced Velvet. He's learned so much over the past ten years. Now he's using that experience to do what he wants to do musically. He is not just going for what he thinks will be the most popular. He chose NE as the first single because it meant so much to him. Other songs on the album may have more hit potential, but he went with his gut and his heart.

If some fans aren't thrilled with NE, I'll bet the album has other songs they will like more. I can't wait to hear them! It sounds like our interpretation of the video was pretty close. Each character had that "potion" in different forms that changed their mood to something more positive. We'll get at least one more installment of this story, hopefully more. Should be fun to follow.

Adam is happy with his hair, his clothes, his music and his personal life. Period.

He won't always be the cute Idol boy we first knew. He won't always be the front man for Queen either. He has to carve his own path in his own way. He'll have many more years post-QAL than will have with QAL. It's a great ride to be on including the $$$$ he is making that gives him a financial cushion. I really respect what he says in the Twitter party.

And BTW, the lyrics in the audio version of NE are so much clearer than the video. Been streaming when I can.

Dee R Gee said...

Also, it was very cool to see that tweet from Taylor Swift! She must be a Glambert! And Adam's dad's comment was great, too.

Sue Smith said...

Very good twitter party. Very enlightening. Seems like another more upbeat single coming after current tour of Queen.
I love this song and as he said it shows where he is now in his life. He also said in love, he said that.
The others as he said may be more hot material and wont be long before one out. However I really am into this song. It is a writers masterpiece in my opinion. Correction Hit Material.
Yes Taylor endorsing it sure did not hurt a thing did it. Never thought alot of her before but I have good feelings for her now. I think she also has new music out so that makes it even nicer in my opinion.
This single does remind me of the John Lennon song. That is definitely a complement especially from Adam's dad.

Sunflower said...

Ugh! I didn't know about this twitter party? I'm rather upset I missed It! I wa home and did not see anywhere about this. Ok I'm done complaining, thanks glitzylady for posting it here. Inside me I'm sad I didn't get to participate, (sob,sob).

Sunflower said...

Was home that is.

Angeladam said...

had a glance at it, most of it was great, however, such a shame though, after all the positivity, he went on to be incredibly rude to a staunch Glambert who just asked a perfectly honest question regarding the 'drugs' part of his video, she was basically told to put up with it (drugs scene) or shut up, but not that nicely !! unfortunately this lady who used to stream a lot to us mere mortals in the UK, has now left the fandom for good after following Adam for the past ten years, now on some of the sites here in the UK,he's losing tons of fans because of his attitude lately, such a shame, the person in question was obviously on twitter,Adam's incredibly rude answer can still be seen, I wouldn't of course post on here, I just feel very sad and annoyed at Adam at the moment, sorry guys if I offend anyone, just staying iff here for now, because I don't feel like supporting Adam ( who I do still love as a talented artist) who I feel has lost the plot since being with his narcissistic boyfriend, unless of course it's all a publicity stunt which as doubt , please don't start an argument with me, I've totally had it with him for now sorry xx

glitzylady said...

Not completely 100% sure what "rude" response to a fan's question to which you refer, but guessing it's this one??

@adamlambert How do you respond to those expressing angst about drug references in video?

@adamlambert to mmc@tchrsd
"Tune in Turn on Drop Out. Medicine comes in many forms."

mmc@tschrsd then responded to another person who had seen an upset fan's comment on twitter that she was very disappointed in Adam and felt like he was pushing fans away:

"After he answered my question I did google it to be sure I understood his response. It has nothing to do with shunning people (fans) in the least. That is the gal’s misconception and she’s caused herself a lot of grief feeling the way she does without fully understanding."

"I wanted to share with you what I learned after Adam responded to my question during the party. Maybe it might clarify what the phrase means and you realize it in no way is to shun fans. Hope it brings clarity and peace. Google the phrase and read Timothy Leary’s definition.��"

@mmc "Here’s what I found. I hope maybe this helps. I was uncertain too so needed to know. I understand any misconception though on first glance of phrase. No intrusion or disrespect on my part. Process at your own pace with new eyes maybe later. Take care. ��"

"Drop out" suggested an active, selective, graceful process of detachment from involuntary or unconscious commitments. "Drop Out" meant self-reliance, a discovery of one's singularity, a commitment to mobility, choice, and change. Unhappily, my explanations of this sequence of personal development are often misinterpreted to mean "Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity"

You might be interested to know that @glambertparty, the truly devoted and sweet fan who was upset by what she was thinking Adam had said in that one tweet, has since had a turn around about how she feels about Adam after other fans responded to her with their own thoughts, including the one I quoted above.. She's still a fan and has changed her mind about the drug inferences and what Adam's words meant.

From @GlambertParty: "Cant respond right not but just wanted to say I see all your tweets and will respond. I’ll still be around I can’t leave you guys that easily and of course I’ll still stream idol. There is no way I would leave you all hanging like that regardless of how I’m feeling ❤️"
And "Thanks for all in insightful interpretations you all have shared with me. Going to take a few days break then relook at everything with “new eyes”. It was real nice to have had great convos with some of you sharing our different points of view with no judgment. Love you all"

Bottom line here: I think we as fans need to take a step back sometimes and not have knee jerk reactions to Adam's comments, without taking the time to understand what he's saying, the message he's giving in his music.. He's a good man, not one to promote drug use, and let's think about what he said with those "New Eyes" he's talking about..

Sue Smith said... opinion a lot to do about nothing. I guess I can see where a midintubatation may have came in.
I heard what he said there yesterday never took it in a rude way at all.
I'm glad that she I'd now more understanding of the remarks.
Seem like she's ok now.
It seems to me just a couple people that come here are just looking for excuses to blame every little thing on Adam's so called narcissistic BF. It's really getting sad. People do not know him and Adam has never been rude.
I dont see it here either. Maybe a misinterpatation. I'm glad she now feels better.
But there are a couple just waiting for anything to cramp on to be upset at Adam so they can say something rude about his BF.
He happy why cant people mind their own life and let Adam live his.
This comment Adam made had zero to do with his bf why was that remark added?
Correction clamp on. No period should be at top after 1 word a couple others.
I'm not arguing but if one cannot stop blaming every problem on his BF maybe it's really good to take a good break.
Looks like it may all be cleared up and the lady seems to understand now or she will. Does not sound like he lost alot of fans to me.
If that all it takes for a fans to leave or be so upset and call him rude they dint know Adam Lambett at all and what kind of fand were they in the first place.
I heard that comment yesterday and in no way took it in a rude way. I really dont get it. But trying to understand the big deal about it that I do not see.
Correction they do not know Adam Lambert at all and what kind of fans are these peoe in the first place. Seems to me according to GL there were nice ones trying to explain it was just a misinterpatation to her. Correction people. Any mistakes are do to on and off pain in my hands I am sorry about that. Think you know what I'm saying.
I dont know J and neither does any one else. Please stop using every single upset to call him names. Because if Adam ever sees it. He will be rude and no one should blame him for that. Whst if people were saying that about someone you loved. Put yourself in his place.

Sue Smith said...

That was what if.

Sunflower said...

I agree with glitzylady and you Sue wth everything you both said. Adam is a sweetheart who's at a happy place career and personal wise! Please Angeladam take a very long break, let the rest of us celebrate Adam!

Angeladam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angeladam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angeladam said...

Glitzy Lady, that was one of the comments, but that wasn't bad( as you said,)and the other lady yes saw that @glamparty, even though she has her own feelings about it(as she said), she won't let the fans down ! no this was, someone else on Twitter before the twitter party,who also streams and has an awful lot to do with one of his fan sites in the UK, it was mainly about drugs and other stuff NOT his personal life, but she got a really horrible reply(,in fact I thought it was someone pretending to be him to begin with), until he had another rant, but thank you for your answer, sadly I don't respect Adam any more now, and lots in the UK are of the same opinion,he's an incredible talent no question,it's just his attitude I really don't like at the moment, he really is his own worst enemy in my opinion, he can flounce it up anyway he wants, to appease his Glamberts, who tend to follow like sheep, and won't accept any comments less than total worshipping of him regardless, ( not you by the way, you are very fair lady and don't take sides), but I have a conscience, and won't follow him on here again, or anywhere else for that matter !I'm totally finished with him
Sunflower and Sue Smith, you are exactly the sort of fans I am referring to so yes you will get a really long break from me so you can celebrate Adam for as long as you like, my guess is when all the S... really hits the fan, you'll be thinking "oh dear never would have thought that" hmmmm BYE BYE xx

Angeladam said...

BTW the comments by him were deleted I wonder why !

Sue Smith said...

Oh come on I never heard Sunflower say anything mean about your Grandson.she just asked how you would feel if people were talking about your Grandson. I highly doubt she knew he was deceased.
I am very sorry for that, very sorry. Ivr never heard Sunflower say a unkind thing to you about your Grandson, just what I said above. That was really a low unfair hit on her.
Why dont you just. One out and say what Adam said that was so bad. Please dont tbey to say it was so bad cant be repeated.
I'm sure and I know there have to be very lovely people in England. But unfortunately most of the unkind trolling thst ha been done on this site has come from some different person saying they are from England. I'm not knocking England at all. These certain people are judgemental, unkind and the most entitled people I've ever seen on this fandom.
Correction Why did you not just come out and say what Adam said.please dont say it to bad to repeat. That has been said before from these certain people and I personally knew what he said and why it was no where like what it was made out to be.
Adam does care about his fans. He proved that many times. For instance. He was ready to give up on the recording part of the business he said it was just the fans why he continued and many more instances. You may not believe that but I do.
I believe certain very few come on here with these mean remarks about Adam because they dont let them get away with the remarks do easy on Instagram.
I have things going on this weekend but I'm busy. But could not let what was said about Sunflower go by not challenged for its truth factor.
If people are leaving then let them
Adam not a target or a puppet he has a right to say his feelings. If once in a great while it comes off rude just think how terribly rude two or three on here have been to him. Most on Instagram are loving and kind but there are real stinkers on there as well.
I do not mean in any way to say English people as a whole are unkind I know they are not. There are plenty rude ones in America that's for sure.
I have alot of respect for Adam call it hero worship if you want but I rather be that way than hsteful.
As for his BF. Really if you dont lije a person dont keep following him saying you are tired of this and that.
Uts his personal instagram.if you dont like what he does do not follow the man. None of us really know him. He seems to treat Adam well and that is what counts. His last BF was a nice guy i believe but certainly not perfect either no one in this world is.
I'm not being mean but I think your making the right decision to leave because it's not fair to upset everyone who does still really care about Adam on a daily bases. Why cant this be a happy place to come to.
If you have these bad feelings than yes fine another more perfect celeb to follow. Good Luck because they may be quite hard to fine. Maybe at first but after so much scrutiny like Adam has had that may changed as well.
So sorry as usual for mistakes I am having much trouble with my hands. Tey and make it out if you feel like reading it.
Sunflower I just could not let those remarks about you go by. Have a nice weekend. Tey to stay off for weekend.
All dont forget Adam on Idol.

Sue Smith said...

They may be deleted the comments but you know what they were. So please stop making innuendoes and say what they were. Honestly it seems he not the only one that is his own worse enemy. It is amisconception to think a person in the public eye has to take all that crap and never fight back they all do.
I was only going over there to find out was going on since only innuendoes are. Eing made nothing concrete said. But your glad he removed them if tbey were ever there. If so say what they were because you did not stay gone very long. Go at medont care. I'm through with this nonsense.