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From Variety: "Adam Lambert Touts ‘New Era’ With Sexy, Soulful Song off Forthcoming ‘Velvet’ Album"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, May 15, 2019

From Variety: "Adam Lambert Touts ‘New Era’ With Sexy, Soulful Song off Forthcoming ‘Velvet’ Album"

"Adam Lambert is giving fans a taste of his forthcoming album, ‘Velvet,” with the debut of a soulful and sexy new song, “New Eyes,” which dropped today (May 15) at Midnight."- Variety

LINK -->"Adam Lambert Touts ‘New Era’ With Sexy, Soulful Song off Forthcoming ‘Velvet’ Album"

Adam Lambert in a recent photo

Quote from the article: Read the rest of the article at the embedded link above the photo of Adam
The song, written by Lambert, Paris Carney and Jamie Serota of Echosmith (“Cool Kids”), is a throwback to ’70s classic rock riffs with a mix of soul and funk, and a splash of Arctic Monkeys (think “Do I Wanna Know”) with Lambert cooing, “I was alive, but empty inside” to a brooding mix. His signature falsetto is still there in the chorus, but in dark, cool, yet subdued and velvety tones.

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Dee R Gee said...

The lyrics are getting clearer to me each time. I get it. It's a hopeful, thankful song about new discoveries and new love. Love that deep emerald green threaded through the visuals. Very opulent and kind of baroque.

Jean Renard said...

I have to say that my immediate response to New Eyes was sort of a let down. The video was OK but, nothing amazing. However, I am now a convert. I have listened to it over and over tonight and happy to announce, "I love it!" I love his awesome outfits in the video but, I am not crazy with his hair and beard. His hair looks a little on the unkempt side. However, I will accept it and just look forward to the day when he gets his beautiful clean-cut look back and that beard goes bye-bye. I wonder what he will look like when I see him with Queen in August in Sunrise, Florida (with 29,000 other fans)? OK, my opinion has been stated so I will listen to his sexy voice one more time before I go to bed. Just one more thing before I close. Wow, Javi has really had an unbelievable affect on Adam! I am so pleased for both of them that they have found each other. Adam's stars have now aligned in his universe. Still in love with my Adam for all these years. Margarita Lady

Sue Smith said...

Totally agree Jean Renard that is the secret listening over and over until you get the fabulousness of this sexy, sultry, dreamy amaizing song.
At first I was not blown away but after listening several times and now cannot get enough of the song I'm am in love with it period.
If you listen with an open mine several times you get the sing more and more.
Brian M said he did not get it at first after few times listening to it he loved it. Correction you get the song not sing.
The video has much imagination and is only part if the story to be continued.
Sounds like more video and another song maybe to come soon. However this one is special. In the music world like anything else no risk no gain he took a risk on tbe song and the album. I believe this sing after performed live will attract many fans and younger ones. There is no better endorsement to the song than a big old star like Taylor S giving a big endorsement like that. Never heard her ever do that before. She also has new music out so that is a very big deal.
I also agree Javi has had an amaizing affect in Adam in a very good way. The few that dont seem to like him that should have no affect on this amaizing song. He may not have done huge glory notes on this song which would not have fit in with the sultry climate of this song. I am pretty sure there will be songs on the album that will.
Correction Javi has a very good affect ON Adamnot in. There are mistakes I'm dead tired just got up going back to sleep had lousyyesterday. This new zing was a bright spot in it. The only one so worried about my husband it's a long story.
Anyway I am tired the majority of people live the song. But I do agree the secret us listening and listen some more even if you dont get it the sound will should grow on you it sure did on me. Adam actually has had quite a few songs I loved, loved GT ect. But this one is a cut above them all in my humble opinion. Sorry for any mistakes.
I to am still in love with Adam after ten years he one if a kind superb. Sure there will be a big cap coming because I had to correct and erase alot.

ElEvans said...

I love the song. It's really amazing. IMO Javi has nothing to do with any of the songs Adam wrote all of them before he met him. So please don't ruin my perception of the song by mentioning his bf. I just don't like him at all.

Nanbert said...

ElEvans...for once I agree with you....partially. I believe it's incorrect of people to give credit to Javi for Adam's songs. The timing is all wrong for that, as I understand it. But many people always want to go overboard with a "big romance story".

As far as Javi is concerned...I'm completely neutral... time will tell. I'm ALWAYS happy if/when Adam is happy... but I'm ADAM'S FAN. I wish them both the best....and hope their relationship prospers under all the scrutiny and misinformation they are subjected to. If not, I hope a break-up will not be too traumatic...for either one. Living in a fishbowl is SO stressful!

As far as "New Eyes" is concerned, the song is definitely growing on me. Like Brian, I was a bit "taken aback" by its "difference". But anything that Adam sings is amazing and unique. Seeing him sing it on AI will be the final "clincher" for me, I'm sure. I've already watched it many, many times!

Sue Smith said...

Let me make this clear I never ever said the song was about Javi. I said he had a good affect on Adam and I stick totally to that.
Whoever does not like the man at all that your perogative. You dont really know him and neither do I. But Afam himself has said he happy and content so he has had a positive affect on him.
Correction Adam.
My priority is and always has been Adam and it always will be.
There obviously are a few on here that have made it clear they do not like him. Who the heck cares he not your BF.
A couple think the song about J. I did not want them to be jaded about the song because of that. But frankly I dont care about what so disagreeable people think.
NANBERT I am not referring to you at all.
ELevans I am very happy you love the song it's about time you gave Adam credit for something.but of course you add to add negativity to it.
I will say what I want to say ElEvans as long as it is not mean or hateful.
Since you dont read my comments E you will not see this.
I FLAT OUT love this song it is amaizing.THE VIDEO is just q part of parts to come. Sounds like another song as well but dont really know that.
I'm going to now go look at Adam's twitter stuff.
I am so proud of Adam for fighting the music world whic is unbelievably tough to put out something special like this.
Which is tough.

blu said...

Haven't read the Twitter party notes yet!

The video . . I'm getting a Abercrombie
and Fitch vibe . . and what is that green goo!

Song is growing on me . .it reminds me of another song . . but I can't remember what it is.

Can't wait for part2!

Sue Smith said...

Blu he explains about the green potion in the twitter party. It's a potion thing I believe