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From Billboard Pride: "Adam Lambert Kicks Off His 'Velvet' Album Era With Classic Rock-Tinged 'New Eyes': Watch"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Article/Review from Billboard Pride:

LINK-->Adam Lambert Kicks Off His 'Velvet' Album Era With Classic Rock-Tinged 'New Eyes': Watch

Excerpts from the article: read the rest of the review at the embedded link at the top of the page or via the link in the tweet above
On Wednesday (May 15), Lambert released his latest single “New Eyes,” a fusion of modern and ‘70s rock where the singer embraces his new sound, and his new perspective. As he croons through the song, which features a rock vibe reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys and Pink Floyd, he thanks his lover for granting him a different point of view. “Everything that you try/ Everything gets you high, baby/ I’d be so blind without your new eyes,” he sings.
Along with the new track, Lambert also released a video for the song, inspired by the aesthetic, music and film of the 1970s. The video portrays Lambert, decked out in some truly groovy outfits, as a benevolent party-goer, who lends a series of seemingly mystical objects to strangers to make their nights even more fun.

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Anne Marie said...

Does anyone know when he will be on Ellens show?

The Dark Side said...

Really love the 70s vibe of the video. Winner winner chicken dinner as rhey say in Queen.

Sue Smith said...

OS he on something tonight someone said cant wait see him tonight. Yes when is he on Ellen.

Sunflower said...

My guess Anne Marie is next week only because Adam is debuting New Eyes for the first time in public on American Idol. Since we heard that Adam taped Ellen's show yesterday maybe he'll be on Ellen Monday or Tuesday. Thats just a guess, but after his Idol appearance. As far as what Sue said, I have no clue why someone said Adam is on tonight.

Sue Smith said...

I heard Nanbert say cant wait to see him tonight he will out do all the other stars. Think maybe she got idol appearance mixed yo I checked all the local stations dont think was anything tonight. If he taped Ellen today most likely tomorrow, Friday or Monday. I don't know I'll check the guide see if it say anything about it.
By the way I simply love,love, love New Eyes. My favorite ever. More you listen the more you should love the song. It is a grower. Its 9 on I tunes pop video 1. Last I checked. That's without the TV promotions wait for that. I saw much love for it on YT. Correction above mixed up.

Nanbert said...

Sue....don't know when I said that , but I certainly mis-stated. Obviously, I must have meant Sunday.....haha....senior moment! Sorry!

Sue Smith said...

Oh that's ok.I have senior moments every moment.