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NEWS: Queen + Adam Lambert To Headline Global Citizen Festival! Central Park, NYC, September 28, 2019

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Posted at : Tuesday, July 30, 2019

This is more or less Part 2 to our previous post which announced some mysterious event featuring Queen + Adam Lambert to occur on September 28th ⁠— and now it has officially been announced...

Central Park, NYC
Saturday, September 28, 2019


Pharrell Williams
Alicia Keys
Carole King
(and probably more to be announced)

Hosts:  Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

From Rolling Stone:  " include...Rami Malek..." and "Admission for
the festival is free; tickets can be obtained by downloading the Global Citizen app." and
"The festival will air live via MSNBC. The Festival will also be livestreamed on YouTube and Twitter, while iHeartMedia will broadcast it over 150 radio stations on the iHeartRadio app."

From Hollywood Reporter
"Lambert, who will take the stage with Queen for the festival, said, "I’m so excited to be a part of this year’s Global Citizen Festival working towards one goal. Although there is still work to be done, I am blown away by this organization’s progress to end extreme poverty and can’t wait to celebrate how far we’ve come."


Memories of Adam with Pharrell, working on Trespassing...


Special thanks to glitzylady for locating many of the sources in this post! 


Patria said...

Gonna be very high profile. I love the other names that are involved.

Dee R Gee said...

Wow! This is huge! QAL will be the HEADLINERS! They are in good company, too. What great exposure for Adam! He's done some very high-level gigs this year.

Lots of people will be in that audience who will be seeing Adam for the first time in all his awesomeness!

broddybounce said...

Yes, very, very exciting!! I actually was going to go to New York (my home town! -- fyi, I now live in the SF Bay Area) in mid-October to see the fall foliage -- but, given this, I MAY push it up a few weeks and go end of September to see this. I agree, Patria and Dee, excellent line-up in addition to Q+AL. I would LOVE to see, in particular, both Alicia Keys and Carole King. Both are incredible legends! Great that Pharrell is doing this, and especially since he worked with Adam before. I don't know much about H.E.R., although I think she won a Grammy earlier this year(?) (or AMA?) -- but I wish they coulda instead had Lizzo, because she and Adam are mutual admirers -- and I love her! -- but she'll be on tour then, I think -- I'll be seeing her in SF just before Halloween.

As I was telling glitzy, I once was in Central Park for a concert -- Diana Ross in 1983! It was the first night, the famous one where it rained and the concert had to be cut short. Yup, I was there! They rescheduled it for the next night, which had no rain, but lots of wind, but I decided not to put myself through all that again.

But I would LOVE to see Adam performing in Central Park! Would be another wonderful achievement in his career! (Of course, it's also amazing that they will soon be at Madison Square Garden -- and glad they didn't feel that there would be a conflict there!)

Anyone else thinking of going..?

broddybounce said...

Just added some more content to this post...

Patria said...

Oh Yeah! Let the publicity roll in. Loving it already.

broddy you get yourself to that event and cheer our boy on. Ya hear?

Patria said...

Rami is gonna be there. awwww

Patria said...

Is glitzylady responsible for bringing in the pics of Pharrell and looking just fine in a tank top Adam? Thank you gl.

broddybounce said...

Patria -- the Pharrell photos are actually my find, but glitzy located most of the tweets!

Sue Smith said...

This is totally wonderful. So proud they will be the headliners. Just really proud they are very actively involved. This type of concert is so extremely needed in this world today.
It is a great line up so far. Sure more to be added. Hope it is a clear day no rain ect.
There is so very much need for this in this world today. You think you have it rough until you see some of the suffering from natural disasters. Wars that continue to this day in the year 2019. Aides may be more in control with meds in the America if people can afford them but not every where. In many poorer areas they cant get the medicine unless charity events like this provide them. I could go on and on the need for it but I believe all of you on this site know that. Just really thrilled about it. QaL, B and R and Adam respectfully have done there fair share and much more for charities like this project Angel food, clean Water ect. They are not just a bunch of pretty faces you know.

Patria said...

Well Thank YOU Broddy! ^_^ I'm glad you did.

Sunflower said...

Ok I can breathe now, knowing who else is performing. Besides QAL I love Carole King, have her "Tapestry" album on a cassette tape, as a preteen I couldn't afford her album, and I was into David Cassidy but another time for this story. So happy it will be televised! Yay If I can win a bit of a lottery jackpot then I'm going. But I'll be happy as well sitting in the comfort of my living room.

Sunflower said...

Sue Smith I totally agree with everything you said. Many unfortunate people suffering. :(

Nanbert said...

broddy and glitzy....THANKS for all the great news, guys. I don't think I...we...can thank you enough for all your work. For me, this is basically where I get ALL my Adam and QAL news, except for youtube videos, and it's the first place I go each day....and the last (as well as off and on during each day as well).

MY QAL concert is tomorrow night...I'm beside myself with excitement! I'm taking my grandson, who happens to also be my BEST friend in Pittsburgh...we will sing and flail together! Whee!

Broddy...had to smile while reading you balancing QAL and fall foliage in your decision making for a trip to N.Y.

Sue Smith said...

Yes thank you to every one for every article, picture, video ect. you post it is definitely appreciated.
Thanks Sunflower just call me Sue.
Nanbert don't blame you for being crazy excited. Have a glorious time.
But you better come back and tell me about it or I'll be mad at you. Lol

Sunflower said...

Me three! I too am grateful to you Glitzylady and Broddybounce for what you do for us fans. Oops Sue I forgot you did say to call you Sue! :) Nanbert have a blast with your grandson tomorrow night! Hoping for a stream for tonight and tomorrow!

Sue Smith said...

I remember I thought David Cassidy was really cute. I was married with kids I think by the P family sucess. It was very sad he died so young.

broddybounce said...

Thank you, Patria, Nanbert, Sue and Sunflower -- we REALLY appreciate the kudos, gratitude and love. It means a lot that you notice the work we put into it (some posts more than others!) -- but total labor of love.

And, Patria, thank you, yes, I hope I can make it work to go -- depends on finances and all -- and I guess it also depends upon whether or not I can get a ticket to get in!

And, Nanbert, I like how you characterized my dilemma! lol You live in PA, so you totally get how MAGICAL the month of October and the fall foliage is in the Northeast. I went last October, mid-month, perfect time -- and everything was still GREEN!! For my entire week there! And my friend and I even traveled a bit up north to the West Point area to see if it was any better. Nope. Green. My friend told me later that the colors all came out a few days after I left -- although only for a quick couple of days. I subsequently heard that the lateness and shortness of it had something to do with how the weather during the summer went.

Oh, and btw, Nanbert, I saw the Season 2 Idols tour in ... Pittsburgh! I was a huge fan of Trenyce and met up with two other huge fans of hers -- we all came from different cities -- we looked at the tour schedule and figured that the Pittsburgh date and location worked best. We had a great time, and saw Trenyce backstage after, but the huge TRENYCE sign that I brought they wouldn't let me bring in -- "no signs." A bummer. Fortunately, I saw the concert a few weeks before that in another city (LA, I think) and was able to bring the sign into the arena -- and she saw and acknowledged it -- she pointed up at me. She's actually still out there doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that -- starred in the Michael Jackson Thriller show in London for a few years. SO talented. Adam is my #1 from Idol. She is #2. And Joshua Ledet ("It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World") is #3. Didn't get to see him in concert, though.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Hi Nanbert .. I think I mentioned once before that my hubby is a Buffalo guy transplanted into a Pittsburgh resident as a child (his dad was from there) and then came back here to meet & marry me .. who woulda thought!! lol So there are still a lot of his family still living there & surrounding areas .. wonder if any of them are Glamberts .. gotta find out sometime!!

You go Glam Sis!! Have the Best time of your life & then come here & tell us all about it!! Throw extra kisses to the guys for me!! I'll be listening via the streamer if I can!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Wow, everybody....just briefly saw a TV flyer for The Global Citizen Festival on MSNBC TV...which I always have on while I'm here on my computer. Of course, Queen and Adam Lambert was shown, but didn't get a good look because I was reading the comments above. No doubt this is the beginning of a massive PR campaign.

broddybounce...good luck trying to get fall to cooperate! Last year we had the briefest fall I can first, no color....then, leaves began to fall as soon as they began to change! By the time they got to full color, most of the leaves had already fallen....very disappointing! I wonder if it's related to general climate changes happening due to global warming. It seems lately that spring and fall have become greatly shortened.

broddybounce said...

Nanbert, that's almost the exact same thing my friend told me about the fall foliage in NY the week after I left. Yah, it's definitely a guessing game.

Nanbert said...

broddybounce... well, at least you've got a FIRM date for the Queen and Adam concert in Central Park. I would shoot for THAT if I were you....and pray it doesn't rain.

An aside...So exciting this AM to see a huge photo of Queen and Adam Lambert in the "Magazine" section of the local Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Unfortunately, the writer was more interested in telling about Queen concerts that were cancelled in 1974 when Brian May contracted 1975, when Mercury was declared "sick", but in fact he had an argument with their manager, stormed out of the hotel room and said "I'm not (expletive) playing tonight!" They finally made their Pittsburgh debut in 1976...followed in 1980 by one more with Mercury.

After another derogatory story about Mercury, Paul Rodgers was briefly mentioned, and the meeting of Adam and Queen on American Idol very briefly mentioned...saying that Adam seemed a closer match to Mercury....and that's ALL about Adam!.... What?

The reviewer in the paper BETTER come up with plenty of recognition and comments about Adam in his review of this concert...after being so disinterested in Adam in the preview. I assume it will be the same person. Grrrrr!

P.S. The concert is sold out....of course!