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From Global Citizen (Article/Interview): "How Queen and Adam Lambert Are Taking Action for Global Health and Well-Being"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Posted at : Tuesday, July 30, 2019

From Global Citizen (Article/Interview): "How Queen and Adam Lambert Are Taking Action for Global Health and Well-Being"

As we now know, Queen + Adam Lambert are headlining the Global Citizen Festival in New York City at Central Park on 9-28-19. We've previously posted many other links and tweets etc. in this post by @broddybounce: 

LINK: "NEWS: Queen + Adam Lambert To Headline Global Citizen Festival! Central Park, NYC, September 28, 2019"

This article linked below is wonderful in and of itself, so we're posting it separately so that it doesn't get lost! Please be sure to take the time to read the entire article... 

"These stars aren’t afraid to use their platform to raise awareness and spark change."

LINK: "How Queen and Adam Lambert Are Taking Action for Global Health and Well-Being"

Photo: Adam Lambert & Dr. Brian May of Queen + Adam Lambert at a recent "Rhapsody Tour" stop

Quotes from the in-depth article: these are specific to Adam Lambert but there is much more in the article about Queen and their generous nature and global activism over the years. Please go to the embedded link above to read the entire article! 
...But the group’s activism doesn’t end there, as a new collaboration began with singer-songwriter Adam Lambert five years ago. Lambert, a former American Idol runner-up (who sang Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” for his audition), joined the legendary band in 2014, when the artists kicked off a 66-date tour as Queen + Adam Lambert. Offstage, Lambert has lent his voice to anti-bullying campaigns for LGBTQ youth, like GLAAD’s Spirit Day and the Friend Movement, and has performed at Trevor Live, the Trevor Project's annual gala fundraiser. Lambert donated proceeds from a version of his single ”Aftermath” to the organization, too.The not-for-profit We Are Family Foundation awarded the artist with the Unity Award in 2013 for his dedication to spreading peace through music, after he asked fans to donate to the case for his 31st birthday, which lead to donations of about $45,000. In 2015, Lambert won the Music Icon award at the British LGBT Awards. “I’ve learned a lot of stories about the icon, Freddie Mercury, and I feel really inspired,” he said in his acceptance video...

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sunflower said...

Oh this made my heart full! Queen and Adam have a love for mankind and they show it with their many many contributions and support to a variety of causes! God always please Bless Queen and Adam for their continued love for all the people of this world and for the less fortunate. The writer says it's been 5 years with Queen and Adam collaborating, that's wrong! Lol There was something else but can't remember. I have all of the "Live Aid" concert taped live on 4 VHS cassette tapes. I watched that moment when Queen came on to perform. Sigh, Those were the days! I did go to sleep for a few hours and then continued to watch it. I think I have about 16 to 18 hours worth of coverage. My parents told me they were ok with me letting the VCR run continuously all those hours! Now 30 plus years later my parents are gone and I miss them. Wish they could see Queen and Adam, especially my dad (mom was gone already) Who loved Adam. Sorry I wrote too much. :(

Sue Smith said...

Lovely sentiments Sunflower. They deserved to be blessed they all are really good people. I also wish God would touch the black hearts of certain
Internet haters that spread utter nonsense and hatred on YouTube, every comment section they can fine to spread
Their self centered black hearted nonsense against mega talented lovely peoeple like Adam, Brian and others.
Sorry I said was I feel.

Sue Smith said...

That was I said what I feel.

Dee R Gee said...

I decided a long ago to ignore comment sections. It's better for my mental health.

Looking forward to this epic concert!

Sue Smith said...

I rarely look at them but I have, not to darn often. There is much love and admiration for Adam. But I have at time been ask to comment on a post or video. Seems like same ones over and over. Most of us know who fans they are
Unfortunately they have come on this site as well and Brian M. Thats why he said what he said the other day. It's kind of hard to ignore on here.
It is way, way better than it used to be on here. This is the last I'm saying about it.

Sue Smith said...

Cannot wait for that epic performance either. Adam music is coming out in September. I think Adam has known about this for a good while. Great timing for the music.

Nanbert said...

There seems to be bigger and bigger kudos for Queen and Adam all the time. So proud that they're helping in important world causes. They add stature to those endeavors.

Patria said...

Nanbert, I've seen talk that Adam's pink elephant speech has become less self deprecating. Check it out for us first hand.

Sue Smith said...

This is a very wonderful thing this festival. Helping people who desperately need it. However I hope the security is really tight and lots of it.
There was just another festival shooting people woulded and I believe 2 dead. A 14 year old girl who was celebrating a birthday. Now they are planning her funeral.
I do not mean to bring any one down on here the festival sounds like it's going to be great and hopefully do much needed good. There still much good in this world unfortunately there still much crazy to. So many senseless killing. I'm not going to get political at all and start some big thing.
I just pray they have great medal protectors in the park and much security for this event. Maybe have some strict rules what can be taken in the concert, like backpacks ect.
Dont mean to be a downer just a worry wart I guess.
I just want everyone to be safe and enjoy it. I sure want the whole QAL band to be safe as well.

Sue Smith said...

I am a big Astros fan. It takes 2 or 3 ennings to get all in the park because they have to go through medal protectors ect. Good security. In Houston a full park 47,000. Not always full but many times it is and of course they are on the road alot. Oviously I watch it at home while doing stuff.
You know how I feel about Adam I just want all to be safe, every one.

Angeladam said...

Great to hear this,can only further Adam's career when QAL finish

Sue Smith said...

That was medal detectors not protectors.

Patria said...

Sue, I just sent you a big virtual hug.

Sue Smith said...

Thank you Patricia I can sure use a hug today virtual or other wise. Here's a virtual hug right back to you.