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PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE Director Lino DiSalvo Tweets About Adam

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Dee R Gee said...

Lino is definitely a Glambert! Any door that opens for Adam is one more opportunity to broaden the use of his talents. His voice is so full of personality. Perfect for all kinds of characters. And he can do accents, too. He's shown us that. Animated or live action, Adam belongs in the movies.

Sue Smith said...

I cant say how many times I have said this.
I just dont think we have scratched the surface seeing the talents of Adam. He just gets better and better. I think we will be discovering his talents new one after new one for along time.
He is a versatile huge talent and I think we ain't seen nothing yet of Adam's hidden talents popping out.I totally agree he does belong in the movies. Maybe has finally met the man LD that will get that size 11 foot in that big door. Animated not an easy task. He be also fabulous in a musical and action movie and much more.

Nanbert said...

How NICE that everyone here thinks Adam is an extra-special, multi-talented, absolutely gorgeous, nothing-he-can't-excell at kinda guy!

The sooner the rest of the world falls in line, the better!IMO exclamation point on my keyboard has worn off... Adam's fault!....but I still remember where it is!

Sunflower said...

Oh Lino I love you! Please do include Adam in any future movie projects!

Angeladam said...

can't wait to see the film

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Hope it's either on TV or DVD .. gotta see it & I want my great grandchildren & grandchildren to see it also!! I know they'll love it .. I already do just from the clips especially Emperor Maximus .. I Love It! I Love it!! I Love it!!!!!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)