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ADAM IG: More PLAYMOBIL THE MOVIE! Adam Mini-Interview & Additional Scenes ⁠— including Singing!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Posted at : Tuesday, July 30, 2019

As if the Global Citizen event announcement wasn't enough for one day's news, Adam just posted a new promotional feature segment for Playmobil The Movie ... featuring Adam!  They show a little more than we've seen before of his character Emperor Maximus from the movie, and the segment includes a mini-interview where Adam talks about his approach to performing the role as a voice actor.

BUT, there's more!  Even I didn't realize until the wonderful glitzylady told me that, once you finish watching the clip, you then need to press the little black-arrow-in-white-circle icon that is located on the center right of the video frame in order to watch the remaining portion of the clip ⁠— which features additional footage of Adam discussing the singing part of the role and includes a few precious seconds of Emperor Maximus singing his song! (This applies only to the Instagram post, which is the first one below, and not the newly-added Tweet and Facebook posts that follow it, which both contain the full clip in one video.)

Please watch directly on one or all of Adam's IG, Twitter or Facebook posts above if you can so he gets the most hits possible; however, if you are not subscribed to any of these services, we are happy to provide the clip from YouTube, presented by the production company, StudiocanalUK. This video shows the entire sequence, including the singing portion.


Patria said...

I don't know what prompted this tweet from Lino but I like it. Time will tell.

Lino DiSalvo
‏Verified account
2h2 hours ago
Replying to @shuboogie @YouTube
I'm going to cast Adam in everything i ever make. seriously. I am.

Dee R Gee said...

Adam is perfect for this part! He projects such personality into Maximus! And the song sounds very cute! Adam has assured us that this song is character song made for the movie alone, not a song meant to general release or radio play. I say this because someone was wondering about that a while back.

Lino is SUCH an Adam fan. He is obviously impressed with Adam's performance. It would be great if he did use Adam in other projects. Of course, the dream would be for Adam to get a really great live-action original role. In the meantime, he is definitely showing his chops as Maximus. Takes some acting skills to do these animated roles.

OT, Brian posted a pic of the four original Queen members as cartoon characters. "Disney" is written in the lower corner. He says it's a teaser. Wonder what that means? An animated film starring Queen? Hmm.

Sue Smith said...

Lino Disalvo has said Adam is an incredable actor with perfect comedic timing. This is great news to here what he said about Adam. I have heard they were planning to make more of these playmobil movies. Hope it does really well. Cannot wait to see it. Adam sounds amaizing not an easy thing to do. He did it so great. Yes I hope he gets an action type part as well and more. I think LD will be singing his praises to others as well.

Sunflower said...

Adam is so cute in the movie! Like he says as Maximus "I love it, I love it, I love it"! Hahaha Lino has said Adam killed it! Yes! Thats are man Adam killing it all the time!

Nanbert said...

What fun! Adam really dived into the character....he looks stupendous and wonderfully over the top. Can't wait for the movie! I always knew Adam has great comic can often see that on the QAL tours. The truth is....Adam is crazy versatile and talented!...not to mention very gutsy! Gotta love him!

However, IF the song got a lot of notice and press, they might decide to release it to the public. Disney does it all the time....and it's good PR as well.

MiReLa said...

Can't wait for the movie! I love his voice!

MiReLa said...

Nanbert , tonight is your show.I am very happy for you ! ENJOY!

Angeladam said...

He's hilarious in this !

annemarie said...

Where will it be released, for the public to see it?