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Posted at : Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Adam Lambert 24/7 News 
wishes Adam a very
Happy 38th Birthday!

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Dee R Gee said...

Happy birthday to our darling Adam! He brings joy to my life! Hope his day is wonderful. Maybe the crowd will sing HB to him at the show tomorrow.

Welcome back, broddy! So good to see you here again!

Dee R Gee said...

And I hope lots of people give his FS Foundation some healthy contributions!

Nanbert said...

Happy Birthday, Adam! May this be your best year ever! I'm going to contribute to your new

Happy you're back, broddy! We missed you. Hope all is well.

ElEvans said...

Oh now! It looks like Javi gold digger is back:/

Nanbert said...

ElEvans....PLEASE.....don't start up with that again! Seems like the only time you turn up is to perpetrate some snide gossip. Just drop it!

broddybounce said...

Thank you, Dee and Nanbert! It felt wonderful to get these four posts up today — how could we miss Adam's birthday..?! Not to mention the great news about the new single and collab with Nile.

Glitzy and I feel awful about such a 'hiatus' in our posting; however, she's been having some computer issues — and I've been having some life issues! :) But we are endeavoring to get back to regular posting as best we can — and appreciate Mi Re La for keeping up with things in comments. We really want to be covering this Q+AL tour(!!) and will try and backtrack and get some highlights up soon. Thank you everyone for your patience!!


Dee R Gee said...

Great to hear from you, broddy! It's you mods who really hold us all together. We all know how real life (and computer trouble) can really put a glitch in our routines. Hope things get better for you soon. And that glitzy's computer decides to behave. We are all excited about this great tour. Adam is at his most stunning best! Not to mention the new single "Roses." !!!

Sue Smith said...

Happy Birthday wonderful Adam. Hope you have a lovely one dear. As I stated a few days ago about my stepson who is my husband son, and I've known him most all his life. We been married 48 years in April.
He started eating and they found a good dr finally things looked a bit better.
However things turned for the worse again early this week they went to emergency room and they sent him in an ambulance to the Galveston hospital where he been all week. It looked like medicine antibiotic was working but then it got worse. His system was poisoned with toxins from from the fluid backing up. Because at one point he had stop taking his very important meds but he started taking it again.
However to late. I cannot explain it all. I am sure I am explaining horribly
But what I'm trying to say he in very bad shape. All of this is poisoning his kidneys he on Dyalases and all kind of tubes. He was put out to keep him from pulling tubes out.
Now he on dyalases and life support.
It does not look good for him pulling out of this. If he does he will never be the same person again. I dont think he going to make it.
I am totally sick about this of course the whole family is. There are also others illnesses going on in the family.
I have to have a back procedure at hospital. I'm trying to put that off because of what's happening with my stepson.
I'm only telling you all this because I'm going off the site for awhile. Just so much going on.
I dearly love Adam but family does come first. I haven't been able to look at any vids the last week. Sure they will be there for awhile. Happy for his new song coming out. Love you all be back when I can. Thanks to all who have said kind things about this.

Sunflower said...

Yay you're back Broddybounce! No worries we all here were keeping the fort! Hope this last show in Japan the fans will sing to Adam Happy Birthday! Looking forward for Roses! Dear Sue we are all here for you, keep the faith!

Nanbert said...

Sue, so sorry for all your...and your family's...problems. Sometimes things just seem to pile up until it's hard to bear. All we can do is send all our love and good wishes that things finally turn out for the best. Please keep us informed. Hugs!!!! And much Love!!!!

Mi Re La said...

You gave us on your birthday the most beautiful roses in the world your new song "Roses". I am in love with the picture on the cover of this new single.

Angeladam said...

ElEvans, I think Javi was just saying Happy Birthday to his ex, and I'm sure they'll meet up in Madrid just a friends, (Adam has lots of exes he might meet up with on his European leg of the tour, Sweden, Amsterdam etc) He also has another companion with him on this leg of the tour, young model called Luke from PA, who has been on his Twitter pics partying with him quite a lot , so things move on, Adam seems very happy on this tour so all good x

Angeladam said...

Sue genuinely hope your personal family problems improve x