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Adam Lambert on Instagram: @brianmayforreal and me getting Crazy last night. #queenadamlambert

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Posted at : Sunday, August 06, 2017

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Nanbert said...

The're going to miss that silly "camaraderie" until they convene again in the fall. I believe they really love and enjoy performing together...not just business. Each "enables" the other!

Love them SO much!

creamtangerine said...

I never got to go to any of the concerts. Thanks for posting the concert.
I have often wondered what Adam Looks like in person up close? Please explain.
I would love to hear your description. I might sound silly, oh while. Only a fantasy.

Nanbert said...

creamtangerine...there's a zillion photos of Adam "au natural" all over the internet, his fansite, youtube, here (after the QAL concert tour is over). You sound like a new fan, so a great place to see Adam in a less flamboyant situation is to check out his many interviews on youtube...he is so intelligent, articulate, fun and likeable! You will soon find out that he is a great deal MORE than a VOICE and a SHOWMAN.

One very recent interview from a series...."It got Better"... is quite enlightening and endearing.... here's the link...

Also, just go to google and enter...."Youtube - Adam Lambert - Interviews"

Happy searching!