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UPDATED WITH QAL TOUR INFO! "Christmas Is Coming Early!" BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Coming From Adam Lambert Monday, Dec. 3, 2018!

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, December 2, 2018

Posted at : Sunday, December 02, 2018

"Christmas Is Coming Early!" BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Coming From Adam Lambert Monday, Dec. 3, 2018! 

Updated! And here it is! 
For more info --> LINK HERE <--
Queen + Adam Lambert's New "Rhapsody Tour" (North America) Announced! July 10 - Aug. 23, 2019

LINK HERE to Adam Lambert Fans

Message from Administrator of Adam Lambert Fans: "ATTENTION @AdamLambertFans members! Christmas is coming early!! Watch for BIG announcement on Monday- 12/3! Hint: you def want to make sure your membership is active or renewed ASAP!"

Note: There have been some issues reported today with the Adam Lambert Fans site, specifically the "Forum", possibly due to updates on the site in preparation for the big announcement tomorrow, so if you encounter issues, hoping they'll soon be corrected/updated. I was personally able to log in just now.. And WOW!!! Wonder what the announcement is going to be!!! We'll know soon! 

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Patria said...

I still can't get in. I may be done with battling the website and just hope to get nice seats thru general admission. I don't know why I get thrown off every few years.

Nanbert said...

Patria....I don't think sales will be open for us until Dec. 6th. Or were you just trying to rendew your membership? Maybe a lot of people are doing the same in anticipation of the tickets sales coming up.

I just got in to check my own membership status. Had no difficulty. Try again.

Patria said...

I don't understand where to get in to renew my membership. All I get is a screen offering Store Playlist and Tour. If I go to my link that starts forum that is on my favorites list and have always used, it says it can't connect. That's as far as I get. What is the link you use?

Nanbert said...

Patria, the link I use is......... ....then see the tiny "log in" on the top right (not all the way to the end) to click on and identifiy yourself.

Patria said...

Thank you, it came up. I may not be able to access much if it doesn't take a credit card.
I must be logged in , even tho it doesn't say my name it now offers logout. I ordered a membership but am now waiting for an email to tell me how to pay with a credit card. It only offers Pay Pal as a payment method. I don't belong to Pay Pal and I don't want to.

Thanks again, Nanbert.

I've tried to contribute to some political stuff too, but can't because I don't have Pay Pal. Don't know why this is a thing, but it's on me to accept PP or not. Right now I'm trying to avoid giving more people my personal info.

Patria said...

I received an email telling me it will take 2-3 business days for a response because of high volume of inquiries. That must be due to the tour.

Patria said...

They got back to me already and I'm renewed and can get around everywhere
except I still can't get into the Forum. Do you go there? Do you have the link?

I sent another email to Wonderful Union asking them also.

Nanbert said...

Patria...what Forum do you mean?

I don't wander much on the internet....not since I had my computer hacked a couple of years ago, and when I wouldn't pay the ransom they just stripped my computer of everything...ALL my memories, photos, addresses, birthdates, documents, etc. It broke my heart!

Patria said...

The Forum listed in the Fan Club website. It's in a drop down menu under Community. I asked Wonderful Union about it in my last email to them and they said they were aware of it and would be addressing the issue.

Truthfully, there is so little traffic on the Forum I have been expecting it to be totally eliminated. I post in spurts on it like I do here, but there are 2 fans that keep up with posting everything Adam even better than this site. That's why I want to be able to access it. At this point it's just wait and see. I was just hoping you would have a direct link like I used to have.

So sorry to hear you lost all your info. I don't know how to transfer it when I buy a new computer, so all was lost when I bought a new one. I do know how you feel. I've quit depending on it and gone back to paper everything. I miss my photo collection the most.