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Adam Lambert Will Be Doing Solo Music Promo In November & December 2019 (No QAL)

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Saturday, March 23, 2019

Posted at : Saturday, March 23, 2019

Adam Lambert Will Be Doing Solo Music Promo In November & December 2019 (No QAL gigs during that time)

Fans have been hearing various rumors about Queen + Adam Lambert Tour shows happening after the currently scheduled ones in North America in July & August 2019. When asked if they would be touring in Europe in November & December, Adam's publicist Shoshanna Stone said that was NOT true because Adam will be promoting his own music then.. 

Sounds like a similar situation/schedule to when his previous album "The Original High" was released and promoted in 2015. First single "Ghost Town" was released released in April, album released in May, etc.. etc.. and some major radio station shows promo in the later part of the year. No doubt he'll be doing some other promo earlier in the year, but at least we have some definite info regarding what he'll be doing in November & December! And then a solo tour the next year (2016). Hoping to hear very soon when the first OFFICIAL single will be released for album/era FOUR!  Perhaps a solo tour for Adam in 2020!!! Yay!!!!! 

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

This is great news! It shows that there really IS a plan in place for Adam's new music. That fact alone eases my mind. Hopefully, we get a tease late this spring with an official single. The promo late next year should be exciting. Hope the Playmobil movie gives him a some media attention, too.

I have a feeling that the QAL will get shorter in length. This summer's US tour is only seven weeks, with the show pretty spread out. Not that many back-to-back shows. And it looks like some shows will be added in Korea? Adam should be able to get more flex time to promote himself and do his solo tours. Looks like, with luck, we'll get a solo tour in early 2020.I know it seems like a long way off, but Adam is worth the wait. And that "side job" of his is very important. LOL

I also think that it's a possibility that QAL will remain intact but eventually decide not do tours. They might do one-offs or special appearances. Not touring doesn't mean that they have to stop performing altogether. This is all just a guess on my part, of course.

I do believe that Adam will remain their front man till Brian and Roger decide to really retire. They have said so in many different ways. The whole QAL experience has been a gift beyond measure.

blu said...

Late 2019 release makes a lot more seance . . . hoping next year brings a Adam tour . . .

Angeladam said...

Wonder why he kept saying his album would be out in the Spring ?

blu said...


glitzylady said...

Just to clarify my 24/7 News post: as I stated above in the body of the post, it seems Adam’s album release could very well be following a similar release schedule as his last album, The Original High, with a first official single coming in the Spring (meaning between now and at the latest, June) followed soon after by the new album release.

The November/December radio promo shows happened in 2015 also, as they do every year around that time. I personally attended 2 of them that Adam was featured at, along with other artists: San Diego and Los Vegas in early December 2015, months after the release of his first single in April and his album in May. Shoshanna was answering a specific question regarding Adam’s whereabouts during that timeframe.. This does not suggest that the album release will be delayed until then, only that Adam will be continuing to promo his own music at that time: no QAL touring then.

As far as I understand it, Shoshanna was NOT suggesting that the new music is being delayed until late 2019, as it appears there is some confusion here, only that Adam will be doing more promo for the album in November and December, as is typical that time of year. ��

So let’s assume that we’ll indeed be treated to a new official single this Spring, as well as the new album, with Adam’s solo music promo happening both before and after the Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour this July and August. And looking forward to 2020 for an Adam Lambert SOLO tour NEXT year. As was the schedule with the last album.

Dee R Gee said...

glitzy, Your timeline sounds right to me. A new single release this spring @June and the album not long after that. It would make sense. The QAL tour doesn't start till July 10. Lots of time for the single album to get some footing. I hope we are all prepared to stream and download and view and buy with all our energy. Adam's albums are few and far between, so this one needs our full support. We DO want a solo tour, after all. I hope Empire is aggressive with his promo. Adam has more say this time around with song choice, etc. He's so excited about the new music. I predict it will be great!

Sue Smith said...

I believe the single will be out close to that QALSpecial on ABC. Think he will have to go on shows to promote the special on ABC then could also promote the new single. Just an opinion. Also agree we need to buy and promote the single and really stream it. When it does comes out the single sure he will be on TV to promote it.

Sunflower said...

I'm loving 2019, so many great things happening up to the end of the year!

Angeladam said...

Thank you for clarifying Glitzy Lady, just wondered why Adam kept saying his new album was finished, more than enough tracks than needed, etc etc , so really do hope he comes up with the promised goods after QAL tour ends !!

glitzylady said...

I think we'll be seeing both an official single AND his new album BEFORE the QAL tour this summer. He has time before mid July when the tour starts to get going on the release of his own new music. And to do some promotion of it before QAL not to mention he can promote it a bit during the tour as well, and then full steam ahead after the tour is over in August. For instance, have the new CD available at the QAL tour merchandise tables. I'm sure he's absolutely dying to release the official single and the album soon after that. "Spring" is the operative word for at least the single and fingers crossed, the new album as well.

Angeladam said...

Glitzylady I really hope so, and of course it would be perfect if he could have his new CD available to buy at the merchandise table during the the QAL tour, wonder though if any rules or regulations only allowing QAL merchandise ? I just wondered why Shoshanna Stone, said he'd be promoting his new music Nov/Dec himself, I thought he had a new record company on board who would do the promoting for him ( obviously including him!) but perhaps I'm reading it wrong (probably knowing me lol !!

glitzylady said...

To answer your questions:

Adam's albums & some other items are available at QAL concerts, in the past and I would assume, in the future.

Shoshanna answered the fan's question re what he'd be doing in November & December by saying he'll be "promoting his own music", which does not imply that he'll be doing it with no help from his label, his publicist (Shoshanna), his management company, etc..

It means Adam will be on the road performing, doing interviews, etc.. etc.. It means that he will be actively and physically present while promoting his new music, with the help and backing of his team mentioned above. And explains that Queen will not be doing concerts i.e. touring during that time frame.

I'm sure we'll be hearing much more about what Adam will be up to the rest of the year... This is just the beginning of the promo for his new music.

V Camilleri said...

Thanks for all the information.❤️👍im so looking forward to his new music!