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Adam Lambert's Feel Something Foundation Hosts "Pride Music Business Creatives Roundtable" (UPDATED)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, June 29, 2020

Posted at : Monday, June 29, 2020

From Adam Lambert's YouTube, yesterday his Feel Something Foundation hosted what it called the "Pride Music Business Creatives Roundtable."  Here is the description from the video's page on YouTube:
Celebrating Pride, Adam comes together with a panel of extraordinary LGBTQ+ music business creatives to discuss their personal stories & struggles, and the ways people can keep supporting and helping the community.
Participants:  Ferras, Justin Tranter, AMES, Shamir, LP, Mary Lambert, Parson James, Shea Diamond, Ilsey, Tyler Glenn, Vincent, Conchita Wurst, Alex Newell, Teddy Gieger.


UPDATE (6/30/20): Billboard did a recap of the roundtable:


Dee R Gee said...

Very interesting conversation among these talented people. So glad that Adam is a featured part of it with his foundation. I keep saying this, I know, but I hope Adam stays active in important social causes. He is an excellent spokesman. Each of these artists has an important story to tell.

Dee R Gee said...

I see another item on my AFL calendar. It's another LGBTQ virtual event on Saturday, July 18 in San Diego.

And James Corden is a repeat tonight. It's the night Adam was on a while back.

Sunflower said...

I found this interesting and made me respect this community even more. I had/have from both sides of my family members from this community and I must say my relatives has it easy. They were accepted for who they are and their partners have been welcomed into the families. So when we gather for any family event they're right there too and its no big deal to the rest of us. Thanks Dee R Gee for the James Corden info and for the July 18 event. I don't have that date on my calendar.

Patria said...

That's really good to hear about your family, Sunflower. I've had minimal contact with these issues. One was a friend who threw her teenage son out of the family and house for being gay in the name of religion. ( couldn't be friends after that)
A relative has shamed their son into a submissive quiet lifestyle and lives in their basement (what an awful cliche) in the name of religion. I hadn't heard about the relative until Pete Buttigieg told his story about going to look for love and we were talking politics. The relative said his son has decided to live a life without love. It makes me frustrated and want to burst into tears every time I recall out conversation.

Patria said...

our not out

Dee R Gee said...

These family and friend stories are so sad. I think it is terrible when religion is used as a cruel weapon. It happens far too often. Religious beliefs sometimes have the power to negate all common sense. Everyone should be able to search for love in their own way. Nobody else should be the boss of that.

I wish ever gay person's family was a accepting as Adam's is. Unfortunately, that's not reality.

broddybounce said...

Hi Dee. What's "AFL Calendar"...?

And I share the same sentiments with you guys about coming out and being accepted. I, fortunately, thankfully, did not have a rough time with my family on that.

Angeladam said...

really good conversation with Adam and the others, fortunately in our family, we welcome and accept everyone from any of the communities, LGBT, colour, race or religion, after all everyone is a human being, and that to me is all that matters.

Dee R Gee said...

LOL! Broddy, I had a feeling you'd ask me about my AFL calendar. It's my Adam Fucking Lambert calendar. Haha! I know lots of fans sometimes use a bit of shorthand and refer to him as AFL. I keep my AFL calendar right next to my laptop.

broddybounce said...

Dee... ROTFLMFAO..!!!

Dee R Gee said...

Knew you'd love it, broddy.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee....AFL calendar....funne-e-e! Maybe that's what I should get.

You know what I use? I have little post-it notes festooned all over the frame of my computer about pertinant "Adam Dates"...which I regularly remove or add to as those dates come and go. It looks messy and weird...but it works!

Come to think of it, I'm getting pretty messy and weird, too! This isolation stuff is getting me down...and no end in sight. Little did I know that my "old age" would be a "hermit-age", haha. I hope there will still be time left for a few hugs with my family before I croak! They're so worried about "infecting" me that we've only gotten together a couple of times since mid-March...and even then stayed far apart!

Speaking of intolerance (above), I am pleased to say that there are a couple of lesbian women on each side of my family who are completely accepted by ALL the family, and it's perfectly natural for them...and us. Unfortunately, one of their partners is not able to be open with her intolerant religious family, and lives in fear that they would "cut her off" from them if they knew. So sad! But, at least, she has all of OUR family for love and support.

Patria, how upsetting to have relatives who are so intolerant that they would prefer to ruin their son's life because of religious intolerance...that breaks my heart! I hope that young man breaks free of them and finds happiness while he can.

It is because of stories like this, and many others just as frustrating, that have made me become non-religious! IF there IS a God, he would never condone such intolerance of his creations!

Dee R Gee said...

As I have said many times, religion can be a terrible weapon. And some people are not afraid to use it. And in the extreme times we are in right now, it's even worse. I am a pretty non-religious person, too. Just got fed up.

My AFL calendar in just one of those little 4 by 6 inch ones. It's very handy right next to my laptop. I just fill in all the appearances and performances, etc. as they come, right up through the end of the year. Then I buy another one. Very convenient!

Sue Smith said...

I am not feeling to perky and my husband having problems as well so not gonna be writting long. But I feel I must say my feelings. My children are very tolerant however I do live amongst some bigotry. It makes me sad and disgusts me. I have fought it a long time. This is my feeling about religion wrong or right if there is a God and He made all of us and he loves all of us, then he made all races and all types of gay people and loves them all the same. I have even heard TV preachers say that. I do not know if that is truly the case however I grew up hearing God loves all he created. Unfortunately not all live what they have grown up with or even teach. I feel no one is any better than the next do to race or sexual preference ect. Bigotry and racism as Adam says is digusting.