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From Radio Station TIC 96.5 FM: "11 Songs To Inspire, Heal, and/or Make You Dance!" #AdamLambert

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Posted at : Wednesday, July 20, 2016

From Radio Station TIC 96.5 FM:

LINK: "11 Songs To Inspire, Heal, and/or Make You Dance!" 

This list of 11 current songs by a variety of popular artists (compiled by DJ Lisa Gold of TIC 96.5 FM radio, a "CBS Local" station in Hartford, Connecticut) includes 3 recent songs/collaborations from Adam Lambert. Be sure to go to the embedded link above, check out the playlist, and listen to Adam of course, because he inspires us, heals us at times, and always makes us dance!  AND read Lisa's intro to the songs list below.. See what she has to say about each song.  And then give a listen to the rest.... 

Adam Lambert – ‘Welcome To The Show’

Adam Lambert from his music video for "Welcome to The Show" 2016

And 2 more.. 

Steve Aoki feat. Felix Jaehn and Adam Lambert – ‘Can’t Go Home’

Various Artists – ‘Hands’ (Orlando Tribute) (Includes Adam Lambert

Intro to the songs list: 

There’s so much great new music out right now, I’m not sure in which direction to fangirl! Every now and then, I gotta share what I’ve been listening to! (In addition to what we play on 96.5 TIC, of course!)

We’ve been consumed by so much hate, violence and unrest in the world right now. It’s upsetting. But if we come together and celebrate unity, peace and love, we will get through. And music is a great way to accomplish this!

Dork Disclaimer: FYI, this list is in no particular order! But ALL of these songs are fantastic in their own beautiful ways! Enjoy!

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Anonymous8 said...

OT - Well the issue of candidates using popular songs without artists' endorsements made Primetime News, it was a feature story on NBC News this evening. The Queen/WATC response was included along with several other examples through the years. It was a light feature and not very controversial, just a "given".

glitzylady said...

Yes, we've been seeing the mainstream media coverage on that topic: Morning news shows such as Good Morning America, etc.. and of course the evening news... Good... It's an ongoing one certainly....

Dee R Gee said...

I LOVE when Adam is right up there with the biggest names. And with two songs!

Nanbert said...

Well, I think Trump will make his big entrance tonight. We'll see then if he insists on using "We are the Champions" in spite of the furor -- he's certainly pig-headed enough to ignore Queen's demand that he not use it. He's the kind of person that does not like to be told "NO".

I hope Queen could have legal recourse, but it's possible they might not.

Roger Taylor said Trump's use of the song "poisoned it". That's certainly possible -- every time people hear it they will think of it as Trump's "Theme Song"! That would be tragic!

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that Trump has used "We Are The Champions" at his rallies/conventions, I don't think the song has been 'poisoned'. Not everyone in the world watches/listens to Trump on TV or radio, or are interested in what he's doing. This too will pass & "We Are The Champions" will remain a MAGNIFICENT song.