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From HARDYZINE: NEW! Joey Gray's Interview With Adam Lambert "Tea with the Queen: PART TWO"

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Posted at : Tuesday, July 04, 2017

From HARDYZINE: Joey Gray's Interview With Adam Lambert "Tea with the Queen: PART TWO"

LINK: "Tea with the Queen: PART TWO" 

Be sure to click on the embedded LINK above to read the MUCH LONGER INTERVIEW with Adam Lambert

"If you’ve already picked up a copy of HARDY Vol. 2 “We Are Family,” then by now you’ve sipped some tea with Adam Lambert, in Joey Gray’s candid chat about everything from coming out, to gay bars, drag, and chosen family. PART TWO continues right here:"

One EXCERPT from the interview (SO much more at the links above)
JOEY GRAY: So Adam, tell me, what do you want to do, say, listen to, and perform every night?

ADAM LAMBERT: I’m working on it! That’s been the great challenge of the music that I’m working on right now, because I’ve been able to finally tune out all of that outside shit. I finally realized that it was throwing me off my game. I’m not worrying about making something that sounds like this is the trend now and it has to sound like this. I’m challenging myself to define my own sound. So over the past six months or so, I’ve been listening to less Top 40 and I’ve started going back to the music that I loved before I started in all of this. The music I loved as a kid, and the big artists from the past that informed my love for music and that were the reason why I wanted to get into it in the first place. I’ve been listening to more of that; like George Michael’s Faith album, or Prince, or Bowie—it’s still so bizarre that we’ve lost them all, these amazing artists that carved their own path—I’ve just been going back to the music I was listening to that made me feel amazing, before all the pressures of the business. And, obviously, all of my work with Queen has definitely pushed me into a great space musically.

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Nanbert said...

Really interesting interview. I am especially heartened to hear Adam say three things about today's music .. 1. He misses "full on SANGING" (like Whitney Houston), 2. It's exciting to "let it rip", and 3. He likes an artist who "can go from quiet to ape shit"!

That sure sounds like a portent of the future...because Adam is a "belter", and we know what he can do when he unleashes that powerhouse voice.

As he recently said, his next music will lean more toward rock...So it sounds like we're in for a ride! Polish up your goosebumps!

Dee R Gee said...

Loving this article but I need to finish it tomorrow. Too late tonight. One thing is true about Adam. He is a real talker. Interviewers don't have to pull stuff out of him. He's articulate, as we've said a million times, and he's very introspective. He's an open book (his words, too).

Nanbert said... of his many attributes....