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NEW Adam Lambert Interview! Ru Paul Podcast "Where's The Tee" On Soundcloud (With Michelle Visage) Ep. 112

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Posted at : Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Adam Lambert Interview! Ru Paul Podcast "Where's The Tee" On Soundcloud (With Michelle Visage)

Episode 112: This interview is over 1 hour in length! Wide ranging, in depth interview, covering a variety of subjects from Adam's early years, to American Idol, the music Industry, touring with Queen, Adam's music, and so much more! Candid insights into Adam's life past, present and future. Enjoy!!

Note: this was recorded shortly before the start of the Queen + Adam Lambert North American Summer Tour 2017, but heard now for the first time. 

"In this episode Ru and Michelle are joined by Adam Lambert. They discuss American Idol, For Your Entertainment, Max Martin, RCA, clothes, and playing with Queen. This episode is sponsored by Lyft and Adam & Eve."

Photo: Adam Lambert at the recent Angel Food Gala in Los Angeles

Click on the arrow in the embedded Soundcloud below to listen

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Mi Re La said...

2017-08-22 Power 98FM Singapore radio interview Power up with Isaiah, part about Adam Lambert

Anonymous said...

The Ru Paul Podcast was fun listening to. But I'm sorry to hear Adam depends on so much drug use to keep him going.

@Mirela, Thanx for the link to Isaiah. Adam is an excellent mentor.

glitzylady said...

I LOVED this interview!!!

And to be clear, Adam smokes some weed. It's legal in many places now. He is not into hard drugs. Let's not start rumors here or elsewhere.

I found the interview to be one of the best he's done in a very long time. Great questions by Ru Paul and Michelle. So much insight into Adam's life over the years. And he was able to chat, without being interrupted as happens so often in interviews. He obviously felt comfortable being totally himself, being completely honest and not having to hold back.

I hope everyone listens to the entire interview. And thanks to Ru Paul, Michelle, and Adam. ❤️❤️❤️

Unknown said...

I've smoked weed and I find it to be less harmful than alcohol. If that's the worst he does I wouldn't worry.

Nanbert said...

Super interview....very comfortable and conversational. Ru Paul seemed quite interested in Adam... and I believe it was more insightful than the usual interview.

Adam, as always, was very genuine and, as always, makes you think this is someone you would really enjoy being with...and having as a friend.

lollymop..."ya skeered ma mule" when you mentioned Adam taking drugs! I was very relieved to find out it was pot, fairly innocuous...especially since we are in the midst of an opioid epidemic! Whew!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nanbert, I sure didn't mean to. In my mind I group alcohol, pot and all other drugs under one category and call them 'drugs'. I'm gonna have to stop doing that.

Mi Re La said...

Adam has always admitted to drinking a little tequila before concerts. This helps him get rid of emotions and inhibitions. He said in Ellen DeGeneres' show that he has great emotions before and during the shows. That does not mean he's an alcoholic. In many countries marijuana and opium are not considered as drugs.

Mi Re La said...

I liked the question if it's his real nose. Indeed, Adam has a very beautiful nose.

glitzylady said...

A question for readers here and for those who have listened to the entire interview:

Getting away from that one topic, what else stood out for you during this amazing conversation???

There was SO MUCH MORE that was discussed during the lengthly interview, one that felt as if it was a casual chat amongst friends, but full of so much information, so of it we've known before, other bits that are new to us..

Another thing that I loved about this interview was the gentle advice Ru Paul shared with Adam, and also the growing sense of self and maturity that Adam is developing for himself.

I'm certainly not his mom, but if I was, I would just be so proud of him, of his accomplishments and his determination to be himself and his ability to focus on what he truly believes is his calling, his purpose in life, so far. In fact, I'm so proud to be his fan. Remarkable, sweet, caring, gentle, talented man that he is.

Nanbert said...

Well said, Glitzylady....I agree...there's so much mature assessment of himself by Adam ...and, like you, I was struck by Ru Paul's genuine concern and advice (who seems to have successfully weathered some storms of his own).

I'm happy to hear Adam increasingly comfortable in his own skin...continuing to "be himself"...but more relaxed about it as his success is now determined.

I hope he never becomes jaded... but takes care of himself, enjoys life, and continues to love entertaining us... and the world..

Shop on, Adam!!!! LOL. If that's your worse vice, just keep moving to houses with more closet space! Haha.

Anonymous8 said...

What stood out for me was Eber's reply to 4 y/o Adam - "you be whatever you want to be". What extraordinary, courageous and loving parenting, especially in the context of those social times - not the dark ages but definitely not where we needed to be ( and still not). We know that his parents were progressive, but to hear about those tender childhood moments that impact so greatly - is very poignant indeed.

I also appreciate Adam's admission that he may be done with the 21y/o's, and so hope he means it. I have been waiting for Adam to get this out of his system, IMHO his search for his special someone is certainly not in this demographic. Have also heard that ageism is especially cruel and rampant in the gay club scene - and Adam would certainly be considered over-the-hill at 35. Adam needs to outgrow the "I like them young" and move on, needs to mingle with mature, accomplished, creative men equal with his spectrum of intelligence. They are out there if he expands his social life beyond the LA club scene.

I am ready for the next 7yr era as one's middle years make more of a statement about one's career and a life well lived.

Catharine Sloper said...

Wasn't Adam with Drake Labry during Idol? I'm pretty sure that was an important relationship. But sometimes our minds alter our memories in certain circumstances, or maybe we from the outside see things that aren't there. Who knows!

Nanbert said...

Catherine....I don't think so, since Adam stated that there was no "Adam's boyfriend" to be pointed out during Idol...and therefore nothing to confirm that he was gay.

However, I do remember periodic photos of Adam with Drake well after he was on Idol, but never had the impression that it was a really serious relationship.