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Adam Lambert In His 2005 Performance with Catte Adams 'You've Got A Friend' From Tonight's REAF Holiday Gala 2020

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, December 13, 2020

Posted at : Sunday, December 13, 2020

Adam Lambert in 2005

The entire REAF Holiday Gala 2020, that features the 2005 performance with Adam, as as Gelly says in her tweet above, Adam starts at 110 minutes into the show

And a little snippet with just Adam from the performance

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Patria said...

Duet or duel?
Adam unleashed.

Dee R Gee said...

Patria, LOL. They were sure wailing, weren't they?

Nanbert said...

Patria & Dee R Gee....the same thoughts came to my mind....more like a contest than a duet. "You've got a Friend in Me" is the wrong song for what happened there...whew! NOT a chummy Muppet-moment!

Impressive vocal gymnastics, for both of them, but I'm so glad Adam has learned, as he has said, "Less is more". He's already "proved his point" now! He's simply THE BEST! contest!

Too bad that clip was played instead of the "O Holy Night" that Adam is said to have sung during that same program in 2005. However, I feel sure Adam added a lot of flourishes to that performance, too, that he probably wouldn't add these days.

To me, the importance of Adam's voice is its sheer technical beauty... dead-center on key... unwavering long holds... gorgeous vibrato... indistinguishable "slides" through voice levels...ability to convey any emotion/genre required... unique interpretations.... lyricism joined with great power...etc. etc....and, yes, its gymnastics, too, (but not only!)

All that embodied in a beautiful man....and a COMPLETE PERFORMER! What's not to like?

Patria said...

Yeah it's the wrong song for the gymnastics. For me it falls into a category I call 'singers singing for singers'. It's fun now and then.

That said, I'm all in for Adam taking an opportunity show off. Go Adam! MWAH!

Dee R Gee said...

Yes, Adam has learned that he doesn't have to do vocal cartwheels all the time. This song is known as a mellow, heartfelt ballad. They jazzed it up and gave it some wails.

But I think it's interesting to see the singing gigs Adam was involved in before Idol. He wasn't a nobody. People knew him. He performed quite a bit in clubs and other venues. And then of course he did his theater jobs. By the time he hit Idol, he had done a lot of professional work. He wasn't a subway busker.

Would love to hear that "O Holy Night" someday. The audience was brought to its feet.

glitzylady said...

My thoughts after reading the comments here regarding the version of the song they chose to do. There are many ways to sing a song and over the years Adam has become a master. This was a duet with another outstanding vocalist with a powerful voice, a lot of experience, incidentally a fellow talent show winner (Star Search from back in the day) and honestly they were having a lot of fun with the song. I peeked at her history as a performer and she has worked with a number of A list stars, as a songwriter and a backup vocalist, as well as on her own music, and I suspect she absolutely LOVED this young, talented man with a voice that could do anything. Nothing wrong with really belting it out, embellishing it and showing the audience what your voice can do. It was in front of an audience that I suspect was thoroughly enjoying the performance. As long as the singers enjoyed themselves, the audience loved it, that's the main thing for sure!

And yes, it would have been incredible for us to see & hear Adam sing O Holy Night, but this song definitely was fun! And a preview of what our amazing guy Adam Lambert was on his way to doing, becoming world famous with a legendary band.

Sunflower said...

One of the best Sunday nights! It was Adam all night, anyone catched the repeat of the Disney Holiday Sing A Long? Then several minutes later Adam on Lauper's Home...Holidays, and then Adam on this last program. What a Glambert treat to watch Adam 3 times in one night. So much fun. :)