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ESQUIRE Interview: "Adam Lambert Isn't Here to Replace Freddie Mercury. He's a Queen Frontman for the 21st Century"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, June 30, 2017

Posted at : Friday, June 30, 2017

Excellent in-depth, well written, Adam Lambert interview/article by Esquire Magazine's Hillary Hughes (6-30-2017)

LINK to FULL article: Adam Lambert Isn't Here to Replace Freddie Mercury. He's a Queen Frontman for the 21st Century

"On the 40th anniversary of the earth-shattering News of the World, Lambert contributes to the rock band's legacy while moving forward with his own."

Freddie Mercury & Adam Lambert 
Photos by Getty - Gabe Ginsberg, Paul Natkin (from the Esquire article)

EXCERPTS from the much longer interview/article. Be sure to read the ENTIRE interview at the LINK above. Article includes videos of Adam singing "We Are The Champions" with Queen at the American Idol finale and Queen + Adam Lambert performing "Somebody To Love" on X-Factor 2014
"The way that I navigated that initial intimidation, I said, 'What was his intention with the song?'" says Lambert of his internal dialogue with Mercury's legacy. "'What did he want the audience to feel, and what story was he trying to tell?' As long as I focus on that, it usually lands. I have to avoid listening to the records too much. I don't want to imitate, copy, or mimic; I think that would be sort of tacky, and it'd be sort of disrespectful to the fans. I'm not here to do an impersonation. I'm here to make sure these songs are still heard, to keep the songs in a live space."

For Lambert, the timeliness of this tour—which celebrates the upcoming 40th anniversary of News of the World, Queen's sixth (and best-selling) album—breathes an urgency into the rousing anthems of the record that strike a necessary, current chord in 2017. News of the World boasts "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions" as its singles, and these defiant, triumphant "calls to arms," as Lambert refers to them, offer motivational benefits to those who look to live music for an escape from the crushing emotional blows of our world gone mad. As happy as he, May, and Taylor are to be revamping their set list to anchor it on News of the World, Queen's output, on the whole, is a stimulant for those downtrodden by—or addicted to—scrolling through the list of atrocities and scandals were greeted with as soon as we glance at a screen.

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LAMBERT Outlaw said...

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Lynn said...

Thanks, I didn't know about this poll. I will be voting today.

broddybounce said...

AND....appreciate the above....but how about commenting on the subject of the post at hand? Well, I will and will say....THANK YOU, Glitzy -- I wouldn't have known about this if you hadn't posted it -- and wonderful piece, Esquire Magazine! Love that they decided to cover Adam. Glad we can still look forward to articles as this....

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw...thanks for the reminder...I voted.

And I agree wholeheartedly about Esquire's article .they're saying it like it it HAS TO BE! Adam is here, and now, and PERFECT for Queen.

Many dyed-in-the-wool Freddie fans will never change their opinions....maybe we Glamberts wouldn't either, if the situations were reversed...we have to give them that. But they also need to realize that the "olden days" always seem sweeter in memory.

Freddie was intense, almost angry sometimes, in his control of the audience...pacing and striding around the stage like a tiger, and punching and swinging his arms like a boxer... but usually with very little relationship between the song and his motions. He even seemed rather dangerous and somewhat unapproachable, however companionable he may have been with Brian and Roger. His voice was superb,at its best, but often erractic and did not have much stamina, from all reports.

Adam, is also intense on the stage, but his actions are more in keeping with the "mood and intention" of a song...and enhances the music rather than "punctuates" it. His voice, also, is superb...( much more pleasing to MY ears, BTW), more facile, and has terrific stamina.

Each person vibrates to a different voice, and who knows what another person "hears".

But one area where there is NO competition between them....Adam's warmth and humor shines! I feel certain that there are very few people who are not drawn to his charisma and sense of fun... if they allow themselves to be. Besides his awe-inspiring talent...He is SO likeable!!

Last, but not least, he's a lot better looking than Freddie! And he lifts Queen into the 21st Century with his magnificent voice and chameleon-like ability to "inhabit" every song he sings....and the smile he brings to the faces of those who watch and listen to him!

No wonder they all perform with so much joy!! And it's contagious. Long live QAL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nanbert, firstly, you've said on one thread that I've read that you haven't seen Queen with Freddie LIVE in concert - only on YouTube video clips - so unless you've actually experienced a Queen with Freddie concert LIVE, you're really not in a position to judge Freddie's style of singing & on-stage performance LIVE.

Secondly, I'm sure Freddie's fans would disagree with your negative comments about Freddie but hey, different strokes for different folks.

Nanbert said...

fluttsp....perfectly good point..and question. And you're quite right, I've never seen Queen with Freddie LIVE...and HAVE seen Adam with Queen LIVE twice. However, my opinion was already determined about them long BEFORE I ever saw a QAL concert live.

But actually, I have spent a lot of time watching videos on youtube of both singers, and switching back and forth to better compare them singing the same song. Many of Freddie's videos were official Queen videos (studio recorded)...not live, of course, as well as actual live concert videos. Unfortunately, there are no official Queen videos (studio recorded) of QAL.

But my opinion is quite subjective...and where else to state it than on an Adam Lambert fansite? I greatly prefer Adam's VOICE to Freddie's. In truth, I was never fond of Freddie's voice before Adam ever turned was mostly too rough and raspy for my taste...MY taste! I also much prefer Adam's performance style...MY preference!

My concept of the inconsistency of Freddie's voice and lack of stamina comes from watching and reading interviews about him -- even comments by Brian stating that Freddie's voice could never maintain the concert schedule that Adam's can... and that Roger was the one who sang many of those very high notes (not Freddie) that Adam can "sing in his sleep".

I can only tell it like it is....FOR ME. And I don't give a s--t if Freddie's fans would disagree with my "negative" comments about Freddie. At least I don't go around youtube dissing every video of Freddie wherever they turn they do of Adam's. Nor would I! Many are so rude and offensive...and vindictive...why?

But all that's a moot point now, isn't it? Adam is HERE, NOW, he can "sing it in his sleep" (all the notes), Brian and Roger love him, his voice was "made" for Queen's music, their concerts sell-out everywhere they go.........and Freddie Mercury is DEAD!

Are Brian and Roger supposed to abandon the legend they made?...abandon the music they made?...stop doing what they love and makes them happy?... and climb into the grave with Freddie? Many adamant Freddie fans would say YES!!!!!

I say NO...QAL IS the 21st Century Queen --- maybe they should name it "QUEEN 21". And it's BETTER than the old one....IMO!

Anonymous said...

Nanbert, there's no need to be so defensive.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, and no opinion is more right nor more important than other people's opinions. It's a matter of personal preference.

Nanbert said...

fluttsp.....Yes, as I said, my opinion was quite subjective. And I admit to feeling somewhat defensive by your remarks.

I do get a bit uptight about my opinion being dismissed by you because I haven't seen a "LIVE" Queen/Freddie concert, since I have seen probably all the performances more than once of the available videos on the internet (including Oficial Queen videos) by both singers, and have spent a lot of time making comparisons and studies of the two of them.

Nor should I feel guilty making mildly "negative" statements about Freddie...on an Adam Lambert fansite!...considering all the vile and hurtful trash spoken about Adam on the worldwide INTERNET by many of Freddie's fans for years.

And as I said above..."every person vibrates to a different voice, and who knows what another person hears".

Nor was I trying to convey that my opinion had more value than any other's...I just stated how/why I feel that way...MY taste, MY preference, My opinion...that's all.

BTW.. I wonder how many of us HAVE seen a "live" Queen w/Freddie concert...Very few, I suspect. But that shouldn't keep us from having an opinion, as long as we take the effort to educate ourselves about Freddie's voice, style and performances available in vast quantities on the internet... as are Adam's.

'Nuff said.